Electronic Music Production Workshop

26—28 August 2021

€ 450 price includes accommodation, food and festival entrance

12 hours of live lectures and practice on Space Safari location

Teachers: Frantic Noise and Kindzadza

2 day long fast-paced advanced workshop with Kindzadza   Frantic Noise will offer a deeper knowledge for ableton live and bitwig users.

We will focus only on advanced techniques, software tricks   sound design with complex synthesis types.

Software, that students have to know and have installed on their computers: Ableton Live, Bitwig, Mas for Live, Massive X, Serum, Modular Synthesis.

Frantic Noise

Frantic Noise, AKA Matías Benamo, is a world-renowned electronic music producer, currently based in Costa Rica. He is a teacher at Patsav, a past teacher at Sonica Academy, a Director at Escuela MAE and the Co-founder of Dark Prisma Records.

As Frantic Noise, Matías creates unique, multi-textured and highly-recognisable soundscapes that have been thrilling dancefloors across the world for many years. His spellbinding basslines and bewitching spectrum of noises create a deep, textural sonic journey that plays with, and disrupts, the illusion of rhythm and time.

Matías is a passionate advocate of the underground electronic music scene and a leading ambassador promoting the culture across the world. Matías’ dedication is evident in his commitment to passing on knowledge and inspiring the next musical generations. He has been running his own workshops for the last 10 years across Latin America, Europe and India as well as countless individual classes.

Lev Kindzadza

As a child, Lev Kindzdza loved taking clocks and watches apart. When he got bored with that, he began to build computers. He then discovered that computers could also make nice sounds. Lev was hooked.

Later in life, he travelled to Goa India, where he continued his musical journey creating psychedelic trance designed for a powerful and immersive dancing experience. Lev believes that dancing is the most accessible way to reach harmony with inner and outer space, as is shown in centuries of experience for people around the world.

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