Deep Tech Track Production w/ Nocturnalism/Mud

25 October — 01 November 2021

€ 140

4 days each 3h live online lecture incl. q+a

Teachers: Nocturnalism (Re:Set & Knobs)

DAW: Ableton Live 10

Materials: Ableton Project file, Audio Stems of the finished track, Ableton Instruments and Effect Racks, Serum Patches, Sample Pack

During this course, you will have the unique chance to see Francesco (aka Re:Set, Artificial Behavior) and Diego (aka Knobs) producing a DeepTech track from beginning to end.

Deep Tech is a style of music ranging from 110 to 128 bpm pumping with a 4/4 beat. The sound of this genre is dark and deep: a territory where the artist has room to experiment and create his own musical form combining natural sounds with sounds that come from other styles of music such as dub, techno or house, etc. The inclusion of acoustic instruments is also very frequent to give a vibrant feel to the music itself.

All of the tracks produced so far by Nocturnalism have been developed remotely. This course will also help to figure out how to set up a successful collaboration and get creative and engaging results. Distance may seem like a limitation, but it can be turned into an advantage over time: exchanging ideas and files allows artists to rework and create new sounds, rhythms, textures, and arrangement variations with half the effort.

The students of the course will get:
— Ableton Project file
— Audio Stems of the finished track
— Ableton Instruments and Effect Racks
— Serum Patches
— Sample Pack

The lessons will be divided into 4 days: step by step will be shown the various production techniques and arrangements used from Nocturnalism, up to the finalization of the mix.

Course Program

  • DAY 1 | 25 October 2021
    — Scale of the track (key evaluations)
    — Drum synthesis (kick) - create a synthetic kick from scratch
    — SUB (FM synthesis)
    — BASS (with Serum)
    — Drum patterns: SNARE - HH - PERCUSSIONS etc.
    — Synths & Pads
    — Atmospheres w/ AUL STRETCH
    — Organic sound design (FOLEY)
  • DAY 2 | 27 October 2021
    — The groove (creating main sounds & drums)
    — Fitting all the sounds to the main groove
    — Editting samples
    — Granular synthesis (recording new sounds for the arrangement)
    — Creative use of returns & FX
    — Swing & ghost notes
    — Variations
    — Project management & Groups
  • DAY 3 | 29 October 2021
    — Intro development
    — Full arrangement layout
    — Filtering & FX (automations)
    — Climax creation
    — Breaks & Drops
    — Tips & Tricks
    — Details to emphaze the flow and drive
    — Stems extraction for mixing session
  • DAY 4 | 01 November 2021
    — EQ (separation between sounds)
    — Contrast (sparse to dense / bright to dark)
    — Stereo placement (space VS frequencies / MONO VS STEREO)
    — Achieve a wider mix
    — Compression & motion (most common mistakes)
    — Transient shaping (transient VS body)
    — Multiband processing (dynamics & saturation)
    — Clipper VS Limiter
    — Analog emulations (color & harmonic distortion)
    — Refletivity (far to near)
    — FX (reverbs, delay, etc)
    — Automations (enhance emotions)
    — M/S Mixing Techniques
    — Phase Coherency (learn how to read oscilloscope)
    — Finalizing your mix... and learn to say goodbye

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection


Nocturnalism is a collaborative project between Re:Set and Knobs that began in 2016, initially called Mud. They had since the very beginning support from international festivals such as Mo:dem Festival and Freqs of Nature, where the artists presented their 2 hours exclusive live-set presenting their unreleased music. Their music project has been publishing music under Open Records, Digital Structures, Glitchy Tonic Records, Atom Festival, and for several years they have been working on their album which they can't wait to show to the world.