Webinar: DJ techniques w/ Fabio Leal



3h online live lecture + 1h questions and answers

Becoming a DJ is about so much more than simply mixing deck A to deck B. To get the most out of your DJing experience, and become truly inspired, you need to learn from a visionary!

After many years playing around the world and absorbing many different styles of music, Fabio has gathered a huge amount of experience that has enabled him to go deeper into the world of electronic underground music and develop the incredible technical skills that have filled dancefloors all over the world. Fabio would now like to share his vision and skills with you.

Topics will be covered

  • — Mixing techniques
  • — Musical research
  • — Different equipment setups
  • — Sonic identity
  • — Networking
  • — Marketing
  • — Management
  • — Workplace ethics
  • — Spirituality (not religion)
  • — Mental/psychological well-being

All this will be presented in a 3-hour online live lecture with plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and discuss your creative journey with Fabio.

Fabio Leal (Zenon Records)

Fabio was the first brazilian invited to join our cast. He had been supporting and promoting the Zenon style of progressive for some time already, so the invitation helped him further advance the label in his country.

His dj set is composed of many unreleased and fresh material played with impeccable mixing techniques, over a complex equipment setup, which allows him to go deeper into his own interpretation of Zenon Records.

This led him to be recognized all over Brazil and get bookings for many relevant open air events, clubs and festivals. He has also been actively touring Europe, having invitations to play at some of the most respected gatherings such as Boom Festival, Freqs of Nature, Lost Theory and more.

At the moment he is also known for combining the creative potential of digital technologies with the warmth of analog circuits. His compilation “A Push Forward” has received many positive reviews and stands as his go-to music toolkit for any set.

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