The hidden formula for Kick & Bass in Forest Psytrance w/ Anarkick

Recorded Webinar

€ 36

2h live online lecture + 1h Q&A

Teacher: Anarkick/Kaliyuga (Sangoma Records)

DAW: Ableton Live 10

Achieve competitive kick & bass for Forest/Darkpsy or any other genre of psytrance with the exclusive use of numbers.

There are strong connections between numbers and sound. This webinar will be focused on unveiling a practical use of musical numerology.

Anarkick’s experience in psytrance and forest will be your guide throughout the discovery of the mystical yet precise calculations behind the creation of a powerful and accurate kick & bass, almost without the need of using your ears.

Topics covered

  1. Waveforms & Wavelengths
    • — What is a waveform
    • — Wavelengths
    • — Cycles
  2. Harmonics
    • — Fundamental & harmonics
    • — Harmonic relation between waveforms
    • — Handling harmonic content
  3. Frequency & Time Relationship
    • — Introduction to ratios
    • — As above so below
    • — Basics on phase
  4. Distortion & Saturation
    • — Phase distortion
    • — Saturation
    • — Waveshaping
  5. Kick Drum
    • — Dividing the kick in zones
    • — Harmonic relations
    • — Less is more (envelope vs eq)
  6. Ratios For Kick
  7. Kick Processing
    • — EQ
    • — Distortion
    • — Compression (if necessary)
  8. Bass
    • — Bass: which synth to use and why
      • — Choice of sawtooth
      • — Digital waves
      • — Importance of filter and envelopes
    • — Bass Harmonic Ratios to the Kick
    • — Bass Note Sizes & Envelope Ratios
    • — Sidechain Options
    • — Multiband Distortion on Bass
      • — When to use
      • — Phase distortion: friend or enemy
    • — Stereo Spreading

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection

Software Used

  • — Ableton Live 10
  • — Intelligent Sounds & Music BazzISM
  • — Xfer Serum
  • — Xfer Lfo Tool
  • — FabFilter Pro Q
  • — FabFilter Saturn
  • — Voxengo PHA-979
  • — MeldaProduction MStereoSpread
  • — Vengeance VPS Scope
  • — iOs Musicmath App for iPad & iPhone (in alternative to musicmatch one can use online calculators)

Anarkick / Kaliyuga (Sangoma Records)

Leo Khan aka Anarkick is the product of a social experiment. Growing up in Goa from the mid-80s and through the 90s, Leo was able to see the beginning and the evolution of the music scene there.

Personally experiencing the passage from the first forms of electronic music into what we now call goa trance, Psytrance, Progressive, Psygressive etc. sounds he took in immediate interest, starting to collect music and playing.

In '96 he began a collaboration with Jonas aka Psykick and together they played in most of the major events in Goa seasons 96-98. A couple years passed as a DJ and Leo felt the need to start composing his own tunes, getting involved in the construction of what is now called the "Discovalley records studio” in Chapora.

The experience opened a new world and a new way for him to enjoy the music, a passion that he has kept through the years until today, being as active as ever. You can find its tracks on most digital platforms, with many pseudonyms, involved in numerous projects and in a variety of musical styles.

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