Modular Synthesis w/ VCV Rack by Will O Wisp

18—29 October 2021

6h of interactive lectures
Practical assignments w/ private evaluation
Presets & recorded sounds
Tips & tricks

€ 148

Teacher: Will O Wisp (Osom Music)

Software: VCV Rack, Ableton (recommended)

The course is made for beginners, so Gaston will start from scratch, showing you everything you need incl. technical requirements and a theoretical introduction to Modular Synthesis. Furthermore he will evaluate your practical assignments (in private if requested) and will equip you with several helpful presets and the recorded sounds from the course. Last but not least, he will answer all your questions about how he‘s creating his very unique form of Hitech Psychedelic Music. Don’t hesitate asking!

All topics will be covered in VCV and Ableton. No extra programs or hardware required! Required installations: VCV Bridge ⎥ VCV Software ⎥ Ableton Live (recommended)

Course Program

  1. Introduction to Modular Synthesis
    — West Coast vs. East Coast
    — Audio Chain
    — Control Signals
    — Trigger/Gate/Clock Signals
    — Parts of a modular
    — What do you need to start?
    — VCV Overview
  2. VCO
    — Wavetables
    — Analog emulations
    — Physical Modeling
    — Percussion VCO
    — Samplers
    — Operator FM
    — Noise
    — Macro VCO
  3. VCF
    — HP-BP-LP
    — Filter Drive
    — Self Oscillation
    — Formant filter
    — Comb filter
  4. VCA & ENV
    — Amplifiers
    — Exponential vs. Linear
    — VCA to ENV
    — ADSR, AD, ASR
    — LPG
    — Midi to CV
  5. LFO & Random
    — Random
    — LFO Cross Modulation
    — Loopable Env
    — Wavetable LFO
    — Audio Rate Modulation
    — Bipolar vs. Unipolar
  6. Utilities
    — Attenuverters
    — Mixing Signals
    — Switches
    — Midi Map
    — Offset
  7. Sequencers & Rhythm
    — Clock Signals
    — Clock Dividers
    — Trigger vs. Gate
    — Quantizers
    — Trigger Sequencer
    — CV Sequencer
  8. FX
    — Granular
    — Reverbs
    — Pitch Shifter
    — Delays
    — Vocoder
    — Samplers
    — Effect Chain
    — External Audio Processing

Will O Wisp (Osom Music)

Will O Wisp is the brainchild of Gaston Mellino, a psychedelic audio explorer hailing from Buenos Aires and producing work since 2006. Since then he has spent countless hours in his laboratory, distilling new age sounds and creating a futuristic patchwork of profound moments and bright melodies while mainly focussing on modular synthesis since 2012.

After years of learning and refining his techniques, Gaston finally released his debut album “Puzzle Symphony” in 2017 on Dark Prisma Records. It is a complex tapestry of beautiful and brutal sonic experiments that has brought forward a new era in Hi Tech and Dark Psychedelic Music. Together with artist Glosolalia, he is also responsible for Quantum Mechanica, a project aiming to expand and redefine the whole soundscape of Psychedelic Trance even further. In late 2017 he created his 1st side-project “Mysterion” and released a first EP on Dark Prisma Records, soon followed by a 2nd side-project under the name of “Gizmo”, releasing in Bom Shanka Music.

Now in 2020, Gaston can look back on a successful history of 10 years touring around the globe and has played all kinds and sizes of events, including legendary Psycrowdelica Festival, Master Of Puppets, Ozora Festival and Universo Parallelo. While he is still one of the core-members of Dark Prisma Records, he recently teamed up with Kindzadza’s Osom Music. Expect some fresh output very soon...

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