Music Theory w/ Frantic Noise

Music theory is too often overlooked when it comes to electronic music, most of all for being considered “boring” by many. One of the pioneers of innovative electronic music, Frantic Noise, will prove them wrong!


€ 36

3h live online lecture + question & answer session

DAW: Ableton Live 10

Teachers: Frantic Noise

The focus of this webinar is music and rhythm theory that will allow your electronic music productions to truly stand out. As in any given music genre, the basics of harmony are fundamental to realize a tune that truly works.

Frantic Noise, with his established experience as a successful psychedelic music explorer and creator, will share his knowledge and method with the webinar attendants. As a leading member of Dark Prisma Records, he is highly skilled at recognizing new talents and forming the upcoming generation of electronic music prodigies.

The program includes a summary of all the techniques, with practical examples of use in an interactive experience together with the students — Further questions will be very welcome!

Topics that will be covered

  1. Music Theory
    • — Chords
    • — Scales
    • — Modes
    • — Progressions
    • — Intervals
    • — MIDI Effects & Instruments
    • — Chtulu
    • — Melodias de “Epic Ultra”
    • — Inspiration for melodies
    • — Autotune
    • — Questions
  2. Rhythm Theory
    • — Rhythm Theory
    • — Binary rhythms
    • — Rhythm modulations
    • — Swing
    • — Triplets
    • — Rhythmic effects
    • — Questions

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection

Frantic Noise

Matías Benamo, aka Frantic Noise, is a world-renowned electronic music producer currently based in Costa Rica. Besides being the co-founder of legendary Argentinian label Dark Prisma Records, he is an experienced teacher of music production and has worked for highly regarded schools such as Patsav, Sonica Academy and Escuela MAE.

Frantic Noise can be considered one of the leading producers in "hitech" psychedelic music, creating unique multi-textured and highly-recognizable soundscapes that have been thrilling dance floors around the world for many years. Featuring a bewitching spectrum of noises, his spellbinding bass lines create a deep, textural sonic journey, playing with and disrupting the illusion of rhythm and time.

Since releasing his debut album back in 2006, Matías has been a passionate advocate of the underground electronic music scene and a leading ambassador, promoting the culture across the world. His dedication is evident in his commitment to pass on knowledge and inspire future generations, and he has been running his own workshops for the last 10 years across Latin America, Europe and India, as well as many individual classes.

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