Studio Acoustics w/ Guillem aka Guiamm

15 November 2021 Friday 8pm CET

€ 36

2h webinar + question & answer session

We are very proud to host our first webinar entirely dedicated to Studio Acoustics with a professional FOH sound engineer - Guillem Alonso Montero (Aka Guiamm).

His music and acoustic engineering passion led him to develop numerous projects in the most famous clubs in Berlin and multiple professional music production studios.

During this webinar, Guillem will deeply dive into the theory of optimization for music production, mixing, and mastering rooms to achieve a solid and trustfully environment where to work professionally on sounds without compromises.

The Teacher will focus on the theoretical and practical aspects for planning soundproofed and acoustically treated rooms giving a closer look at calculations, measurement techniques, selection of materials, DIY construction, positioning of absorbers and diffusers, speaker placement, room Eq, and much more.

Topics to be covered

  • First Steps
    • — Our goals: Optimizing any room for music production, mixing and mastering and/or quality audition.
    • — Acoustics Theory basic concepts: reverb time, reflections, sound pressure level, room modes, standing waves, frequency, wavelength and phase, wave transmissions, reflections, diffractions, refractions, flutter Echo, Comb filter.
    • — Soundproofing vs Acoustic treatment.
  • Your Studio Room
    • — First Look. Understanding your room.
    • — Construction. Materials.
    • — Plan your acoustic design project.
    • — Think of your setup. Speakers, monitors controller, other gear.
    • — Speakers. Which speaker would work better in your room?
    • — Do you need a subwoofer?
    • — Positioning of speakers and listening spot.
  • Calculations, Simulations, Measuring Tools & Techniques
    • — Calculate the room modes of your room.
    • — Calculate the reverb time.
    • — Identifying the zones of maximum pressure.
    • — Simulation vs live measuring. FFT, RTA, Impulse response.
    • — Software: Rational Acoustics Smaart, Room EQ Wizard.
    • — Absorbers calculators.
    • — Diffusers calculators.
  • Acoustic Absorbers & Diffusers
    • — Porous absorbers
    • — Bass traps: porous absorber bass traps, membrane resonators, Helmholtz resonators.
    • — Other absorbing and diffuser elements.
    • — Active bass absorbers and noise-canceling systems.
    • — Diffusers.
    • — Hybrid designs.
    • — Materials. DIY techniques. Build your acoustic elements.
    • — Positioning of absorbers and diffusers.
    • — Tips and tricks.
  • Last Steps
    • — Room Eq correction filters: pros and cons.
    • — Listening and comparing.
    • — Room Eq correction software: Sonarworks 4. Linear phase Eq plugins.
    • — Advanced speaker management controllers.

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and Headphones
  • — Internet connection

Guillem aka Guiamm

Guillem Alonso Montero (Aka Guiamm) is a Spanish sound engineer based in Berlin since 2016. In the last 20 years, he has been involved in many different music and sound industry projects. He attended sound studies in Spain in the early 2000s and worked as a FOH sound engineer for many Live sound companies in Spain. He was also a mixing and mastering engineer at TCR 27 Recording Studios in València (Spain).

In 2016 he moved to Berlin, where he started working in some music clubs such as Wilde Renate or Else and Sisyphos, where he is the head of sound. Guillem has a long experience in Sound system design and optimization and acoustic treatment installations, and audio gear repairing. He has been making sound and acoustics installations with Audiophil Berlin, Tresor Dortmund, Sisyphos, Kater Blau, Renate, and music production studios. In the last months, he worked as a Pioneer Dj product specialist, teaching and doing tips and tricks sessions and gear repairing tech service. As an artist, he is nowadays a member of the Berlin xXETEXx collective.