About Future Media Academy

Our mission

Our mission and vision for Future Media Academy are to connect aspiring electronic artists with their musical heroes. By creating an inspirational, educational and collaborative platform we can build careers and form creative and cultural bonds. We can nourish and grow our industry.

Our dream is to make a positive impact on the world of electronic music production and the visual culture that surrounds it. We want to elevate the profile of underground art and music, throughout the world.

courses & webinars

Here’s why you should choose The Future Media Academy.

You’ll be inspired by musical and artistic innovators

You’ll be guided through your course by highly-experienced and accomplished artists that know the industry inside and out. These are exceptional technicians, creatives and performers who are passionate about what they do and want to share their knowledge with others. Through an exciting and varied coursework program and collaborative group activities, you’ll be empowered to take the next steps in your creative journey.

You’ll learn vital technical skills

Whatever your level of knowledge, we’ll help you understand the role of the music producer from start to finish. We offer tuition in a variety of instruments, machines and technical platforms, including a wide range of software. No matter what your creative vision is, we’ll give you the skills and confidence to transform your ideas and energy into the sounds and images you dream of.

You’ll gain valuable insights into how the industry works

All our teachers are established and well-known artists. They have extensive, hands-on experience in the creative industries and know how to help you succeed in this challenging and competitive industry. Alongside your technical training, they’ll explain how the industry works and show you how to navigate the business side so that you can create a clear strategy to achieve your goals.

You can explore your artistic potential

We offer ground-breaking courses in visionary and underground art to suit both beginners and experienced artists. Working with leaders from the underground scene you’ll be inspired to push the boundaries of your creativity whilst honing the technical skills and gaining a practical understanding of how and where to see your art.

Our Team

Masha Zayakina
Founder & CEO

Josephine Wedekind
Marketing Manager

Alter Fritz
Hosting & Technical Officer

Our courses are flexible to suit your needs

The Future Media Academy courses supply the building blocks you need to succeed in your creative journey. We don’t have strict rules as we want you to develop in your own unique way. Our programs enable you to work directly with our highly-experienced teachers using a combination of live online lessons, video chat, project reviews, and exclusive access to video tutorials.

Whether you’re crazy about techno, devoted to trance or want to explore a whole range of genres, you are welcome here. If you’re an artist keen to expand your skills and explore your creative potential through visionary, underground art, animations or mapping, you’ll find a home at the Future Media Academy.

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The lesson structures

Our live online sessions happen two times per week and are optional. You do not need to join in, but once you do we think you will be hooked. During the classes, you can ask questions and get feedback on your tracks. If you prefer, you can just sit quietly and listen.

Most students come to one live session per week. The schedules are posted on the website well in advance. The two sessions are usually scheduled to allow students in different time zones to attend.

To join the live session simply click the link that we will send to you – no additional software is required. If you have a webcam the teacher will be able to see you, but if you don’t that’s fine. You will always be able to see and hear the teacher, in real-time.