Our Students

Our Academy is proud to share the results of the educational process we provide, together with the efforts of our students!

Every course on Future Media Academy is designed to expand your knowledge and boost your creativity — that’s the primary goal for us.

We are incredibly proud to announce that all this journey together has been highly productive. For this reason, we would like to broadcast the newest music created by our best students over our new platform.

Cyberhen's Raveyard (FMA Cyberhen course remixes)

Forged in FMA Vol.1

FMA Records Label is born to support new psytrance music producers and spread the academic way of developing this underground style.

We don't learn psytrance in ordinary schools. We feel it with heart, and our mission is to diffuse the education of this genre. We are more than happy that from the courses with Kindzadza, Frantic Noise, Kabayun, and Crazy Astronaut we could listen to impressive high-quality tunes and progressive results.

Positive results further came also from our teachers who are constantly acquiring new experience in education. Creating this community, we are looking forward to making more music!

Our second release is planned for September 2021. The release date will be further announced after the Summer Intensive Program that will take place in Belgium on the 23—30 August 2021.

Enjoy the best works of our most excellent students.

Jacopo Albini
student of Powerful Dance Music Production course w/ KinDzaDza
Maria Kolessova
student of Powerful Dance Music Production course w/ KinDzaDza

Alexey Romanov
student of From Zero to Hero course w/ Tron
Stefano Rossi
student of Psytrance & Forest Music Production course w/ Kabayun

If you are a student of one of our full courses and you feel your experience with Future Media Academy was a valuable support and inspirational for the creation of one of your tracks, please get in touch with us! Upload your track on Soundcloud and send us the link on academy@future-media.be.

All the tracks we receive will be reviewed by teachers and, if successfully selected, we’ll publish them on this page.