Psytrance & Forest Music Production w/ Kabayun

Recorded Course

7 recorded classes | 20h
3 live sessions
Pigments Presets, Virus Presets, Track Template
Students track review after the course

€ 520

Teacher: Kabayun (Sangoma Records)

DAW: Cubase

Following his successful webinars on Composition & Arrangement and Sound Design with Serum & Pigments, our professor emeritus Kabayun (Sangoma Records) strikes back with an online-course about Psytrance & Forest Music Production!

Entirely focused on production methods with Cubase, Kabayun will get the students through the essential elements of psychedelic trance production into depth: the basics of Cubase, sound design and synthesis, audio effects, arrangement & composition, mixing & mastering... and much more!

Get on board with Kabayun and pave your way to success in the universe of underground psychedelic trance!

The course will teach you

  • — Basics of Cubase
  • — Sound design & music theory
  • — Rhythm theory
  • — Synthesis (modular, analog, software/hardware)
  • — Audio effects
  • — Arrangement & composition
  • — Mixing & mastering
  • — Requirements for live set-up

On top of all, students of the course will get a personal overview of their own music. The best track created in this year will be released on FMA Records Label in 2023.

Who is the course for?

  • — The course is open to students of all musical backgrounds.
  • — You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of music production.
  • — You need to have an interest in electronic and underground music.

What materials will you get?

  • — Virus presets
  • — Pigments presets
  • — Track templates

Course Program

Due to the great global interest in Kabayun’s production course, we decided to make this course more affordable by combining recorded lessons and live sessions with David aka Kabayun.

Every week, for the whole duration of the course, students will be able to watch the 3 scheduled lessons per week. They will have the possibility to interact with Kabayun himself in the weekly Q&A session scheduled every Friday of the course period.

Lesson 1
Introduction to Cubase
  • — Basic functions and layout
  • — Basic techniques
  • — Organisation
  • — Workflow
  • — MIDI modifiers
  • — Recording to audio (render in place / bounce)
  • — Chopping/editing audio
Lesson 2
Kick and Bass
  • — Synthesis
  • — Mixing
  • — Patterns and styles
Lesson 3
  • — Samples
  • — Plugins (StylusRMX, Groove Agent, Battery)
  • — Patterns and grooves
  • — Mixing (EQ, compression, etc.)
Lesson 4
Sound Design Using Software Synthesizers (Serum/Pigments) and VirusTI
  • — Synthesis basics: oscillators, envelopes, filters, modulation and routing
  • — Psytrance typical sounds
  • — FM, phase, granular, wavetable
Lesson 5
Using Virtual Effects
  • — EQ (including dynamic EQ)
  • — Compression and limiting
  • — Delay
  • — Reverb
  • — Distortion / phasers / flangers etc
  • — LoopMash / repeaters
Lesson 6
Sound Design Using Eurorack Modular
  • — Module overview (types and uses)
  • — CV/Gate - triggers
  • — Modulation
  • — Recording
Lesson 7
Arrangement & Composition / Mixing & Mastering
  • — Inspiration and ideas
  • — Color coding
  • — Groups and busses
  • — Different types of analysers
  • — Compression, multiband compression, limiting, maximizing, EQ
  • — Stems

What you need

  • — Laptop or Desktop Computer
  • — Cubase (any version will do but teacher will be using 10.5) — if you do not have Cubase we will assist you to get the 30-day free trial of Cubase Elements 10.5
  • — Headphones
  • — Stable internet connection for the streams
  • — Soundcard/Audio Interface - not necessary if your computer has a built in sound card that can handle Cubase
  • — No prior knowledge of production is required


Raghu Kumar
"I have to say, the experience here is very unique and tailored to your needs.. the format of the webinars and delivery is perfect.. it’s such an awesome initiative and there is so much that I learnt from this.. thank you guys for curating such amazing sessions with some of the best in the industry!! Big shout out to Kabayun for his webinars.. truely enjoyed that sessions and have learnt a lot in these few weeks!! What amazes me is the depth of knowledge they cover is awesome.. not necessarily limited to a daw or synth!!"
Aleksei Kazantsev
"Thank you for the opportunity to look under the hood of psychedelic music production. There was a lot of interesting and useful information."
Tilen Drnovsek
"Im really thankfull for the workshop you organized it was super nice and learned alot of new stuff. Keep on the good work, thank you!"

Kabayun (Sangoma Records)

Kabayun is the project of David Mostoller, a psytrance producer from the United States. After spending many years honing his sound, performing around the USA and organizing parties in New York City, David has spent the last 5 years touring the globe, performing in many European cities, in North and Central America, Asia, India and Australia, and at many of the top summer festivals in Europe, including Ozora, MoDem, Antaris, Summer and many more.

After releasing his debut album on 2to6 Records in 2011, in 2012 David joined the team at Looney Moon Records, based in Italy. In 2015 he joined Sangoma Records, a label based in Germany that promotes psytrance without genre boundaries, which is a perfect fit for his music, which floats in the border zone between twilight, forest, and dark, pulling elements from each, for a full power, psychedelic and very danceable vibe.

His tracks have been featured on many compilations and releases from top psytrance labels over the years, currently David is working on a ton of new music, including a new EP and an upcoming album on Sangoma Records, as well as many collaborations with some of his favorite artists and friends in the scene.

Now residing in Philadelphia, PA, USA, Kabayun is available for bookings worldwide.

Kabayun’s music intends to create an environment that stimulates the listener to release themselves from the trials of everyday life and confront their challenges through the trance dance experience. Channeling the spirit of the west, Kabayun pulls together many elements to create an intensely psychedelic experience that lifts the body and the mind to undiscovered plateaus….

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