From Zero to Hero Music Production w/ Tron

Recorded Course

€ 490

— 5 recorded lessons
— 3 live sessions
— course project to download
— student track review

DAW: Cubase 8.5, Xfer Serum, Vital

Teacher: Patricio Tron (Zero1 Music)

In this full spectrum course, Patricio aka Tron will share his knowledge on sound design, arrangement, workflow, mixing and mastering techniques. Students will create their very own track and learn how to shape sounds into the desired direction.

The program of the course is divided into two parts: Beginner & Advanced. You can either take the full course or simply choose the part that is suitable for your level of music production with Cubase. Take your chance to get from Zero to Hero with Tron!

The course will teach you

  • — Sound Design
  • — Arrangement & composition
  • — Workflow
  • — Mixing & mastering

On top of all, students of the course will get a personal overview of their own music. The best track created in this year will be released on FMA Records Label in 2023.

Who is the course for?

  • — The course is open to students of all musical backgrounds.
  • — You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of music production.
  • — You need to have an interest in electronic and underground music.

Course Program

  • Day 1. Sound Design + Synthesis beginner
    Creating the foundation of the track — only basic synthesis knowledge required

    • — Subtractive / FM synthesis
    • — Classic sounds: kick, bass, percussion, leads, risers, drones, plucks, etc.
    • — Phrase creation
    • — Grid construction & rhythmic basics: time signature, bar, beat, offbeat
  • Day 2. Workflow beginner
    Shaping parts and creating a structure.

    • — Music theory 101: minor/major scales formula & basic chord inversions / voicing
    • — Project management
    • — Structure & contrast
    • — Speedy writing and helpful key commands
  • Day 3. Advanced Synthesis + Grid Construction advanced
    Creating signature sounds and customized textures.

    • — Wavetable creation & manipulation
    • — Grid construction
    • — Audio mangling
    • — Granular processing
  • Day 4. Processing + Mixing advanced
    Making the track sound good & doing final adjustments on the structure.

    • — M/S
    • — Dynamics & depth
    • — Filters and eq algorithms summary
    • — Artifacts (dynamic and eq algorithms)
    • — Low frequency phase correlation
    • — Group processing
    • — Parallel processing
    • — Delay compensation
    • — Layering & volume relationship
  • Day 5. Mastering advanced
    Reaching the final result with liveset / stream standard loudness and quality.

    • — Digital vs Analog processing
    • — Master chain creation
    • — Layer processing
    • — Example based issue correction (with the resulting tracks from the course)
    • — Acoustic notions & tips

What you need

  • — Laptop or Desktop Computer
  • — Cubase (any version will do but teacher will be using 8.5)
  • — Headphones
  • — Stable internet connection for the streams
  • — Soundcard/Audio Interface (not necessary if your computer has a built in sound card that can handle Cubase)
  • — No prior knowledge of production is required

Tron (Zero1 Music)

Patricio Tron originally from Mexico City started his carreer on 2000. In the end of 2004 he started touring on Europe regularly and South America, he has played on some of the most recognized festivals such as Glastonbury Fest (UK), Boom Festival (PT), Ozora Festival (HU), Glade Fest (UK), Sunshine Festival (JP), Rezonance Festival (SA), Konemetsa Fest (FIN), Universo Paralello (BR), Sonica Fest (ITA) among many others. and he has colaborated with artists of the caliber of Earthling, Dickster, Zen Mechanics, Spectra Sonics Flip Flop, OOOD, Darshan, Dimitri Nakov, Ecliptic to name a few.

In January 2006 his first album "Existence" was released with Liquid In May 2009 "Bio-Logic" his second album is released also on September 2017 "Boundless" third album on this trilogy was released on Zero1 Music, label where he is established to this date.

Between his side projects there is: "Blind Roller" (with Mood Deluxe), "Floating Point" (with pollyfonika) "The Art Conspiracy" (with Psymmetrix), "Double Helix" (with Spectra Sonics), "The Rave Commission" (too many colaborators to name them all), "Data Error" (with Glitch), The knights of nii (with Dickster) and some others under construction.

He has been mastering and building analog audio equipment since 2011 "Homegrown Audio" is his studio and brand. Clearly one of the most recognized mexican producers in the electronic genre.

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