Powerful Dance Music Production w/ KinDzaDza

Recorded Course

10 recorded classes | 20h
3 live sessions
20% discount on Bitwig license
Plugins package from KinDzaDza
Students track review after the course

€ 650

Teacher: Lev Greshilov aka KinDzaDza

DAW: Bitwig Studio

The course is open to students of all levels and from all backgrounds, although the focus is mainly on psychedelic trance music. The course encompasses the production, mixing and arrangement techniques used by Kindzadza to produce his music. Furthermore, he will provide his plugins and show how to apply them to your musical journey, as well as some secret production tricks.

Students don’t need to have access to any other synthesisers — everything is included within Bitwig. All students of the course will get a license of Bitwig Studio for 3 months try-out and 20% discount to buy it later.

The course will teach you

  • — How to make a powerful dance music track
  • — An overview of sound design with modular and analogue synths
  • — Bitwig DAW
On top of all, students of the course will get a personal overview of their own music. The best track created in this year will be released on FMA Records Label in 2023.

Course Program

Due to the great global interest in Kindzadza’s production course, we decided to make this course more affordable by combining recorded lessons and live sessions with Lev Greshilov aka KinDzaDza.

Lesson 1
Introduction to Bitwig including basic functions and workflow
Lesson 2
Working with samples, Bitwig sampler tricks
In the second lesson of the course, KinDzaDza will illustrate the most intriguing Bitwig sampling tricks, and work together with the students on samples. Topics to be covered: advanced sampler sound design, granular synthesis, wavetable.
Lesson 3
Virtual effects, EQ, stereo, delay
The third lesson of KinDzaDza’s course will be focused on the effects included in Bitwig and how to use them in our sound design.
Lesson 4
Kick and Bass Synthesis and Mixing
In the fourth lesson of the course, KinDzaDza will give you his tips and tricks on how to make a proper, danceable kick-and-bass for psytrance music.
Lesson 5
Grid: Bitwig building modular environment
The 5th lesson of KinDzaDza’s course is focused on Grid, a unique modular environment included in Bitwig. Grid allows you to create your own synthesizer from scratch, to build-up your custom effect, to design and manipulate the sound as you wish.
Lesson 6
Sound Design & Virtual Synthesizers
An in-depth overview of how you can create your own sounds from scratch with the virtual synthesizers included with Bitwig.
Lesson 7
Hardware Synthesizers and Modular
Hardware sound design, Bitwig and eurorack integration. We will dive into the world of real hardware synthesizers, drum machines and combined modular setups with Bitwig. Furthermore, KinDzaDza will provide you with some tips on how to start your own real modular environment on a low budget by using mostly bitwig utilities and only 1 oscillator from the modular.
Lesson 8
Mixing & Arrangement
In the 8th chapter of KinDzaDza’s course, we will have a look at how we can use all the sounds we made and how we can arrange them professionally along a track. You will get the knowledge on the volume variations within the track and how you can remove and adjust the wrong frequencies.
Lesson 9
Mixing & Arrangement
Further working on your track including breaks, drops etc
We will continue with the arrangement of your track, and we will discover how we can add breaks and drops to make a proper track finished.
Lesson 10
Kindzaudio: Plugins
This lesson is dedicated to the plug-ins available on KinDzaDza web-site.

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection


Nicola HypoGeo
(Zenon Records)
"When i began my production career something like 15 years ago, i was blown away by the sound of Lev Kindzadza, i always wondered how can he make those sounds? How he does those amazing synth and crazy fx?
On this course you will learn all that directly from him and explained very in details, you’ll push up your production skills to a “total Blast level”, and i guarantee you , you will switch to Bitwig if you haven’t already…i did after this Course!!! 200%%% recommended!"
(Parvati Records)
"I attended the course of Kindzadza about Bitwig and it opened up a new world to me! Learning from a psytrance master like him is great because he knows exactly what is good to know to make psytrance sounds, without waisting time on feature that we not really gonna use to make this kind of sound. Straight to the point and very clear!"
Raghu Kumar
"I have to say , the experience here is very unique and tailored to your needs.. the format of the webinars and delivery is perfect.. it’s such an awesome initiative and there is so much that I learnt from this.. thank you guys for curating such amazing sessions with some of the best in the industry!! Big shout out to Kindzadza for his webinars.. truely enjoyed that sessions and have learnt a lot in these few weeks!! What amazes me is the depth of knowledge they cover is awesome.. not necessarily limited to a daw or synth!!"
Maria Kolesova
"Few years ago i had a dream about it, that my favorite artist taught me and now it happened. KinDzaDza is one of the musicians i get chills on my skin by listening his music, so of course i was happy to have this opportunity. Learned a lot of tricks from him and many cool features of Bitwig. Thank you, Academy!"
Nicolai Markart
"Amazing course, it feels like a lifetime of knowledge was uploaded to my brain in the blink of an eye! KinDzaDza is a good teacher with humor and was always willing to explain in as much detail as desired when there was the need for it :) Unfortunately I had to work today so I missed the last class, but I am very grateful for beeing given the chance ti participate in something a unique as this course. Thank you all, especially Lev KinDzaDza!"

Lev KinDzaDza (Osom Music)

As a child, Lev KinDzaDza loved taking clocks and watches apart. When he got bored with that, he began to build computers. He then discovered that computers could also make nice sounds. Lev was hooked.

Later in life, he travelled to Goa India, where he continued his musical journey creating psychedelic trance designed for a powerful and immersive dancing experience. Lev believes that dancing is the most accessible way to reach harmony with inner and outer space, as is shown in centuries of experience for people around the world.

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