Videomapping workshop

26—28 August 2021

€ 550 price includes accommodation, food & festival entrance

12 hours of real in life practice on Space Safari location

First part: Videomapping online-course

The Videomapping workshop allows students to experiment creatively in a real-life festival environment. Here they can be involved with many elements of stage production and stage mapping, with support from the teacher and group. The full course will help students take a practical approach to visual design production, with a particular focus on live VJing, mapping shows on live stages and/or scenographies.

In collaboration with the Space Safari Festival, all students will complete a 2D or 3D project for one of the event’s stage designs, which will be showcased during the festival. To be able to work alongside, and be inspired by our teachers and other students, and have the opportunity to play your visuals in real life is many creative’s dream come true.

Course Outline

  1. Day 1—4. First 4 days are included in online module Videomapping with Cinema4D and Madmapper
  2. Day 5. Introduction to Hardware
    • a. Exploring the elements of video-projection hardware, wiring and positioning
    • b. Connecting the computer to the video-projector, image alignment and optimization
    • c. Projection-mapping from simulation to real-world tests
    • d. Practical demonstration and workshop on site
  3. Day 6. Stage Mapping and Mixing Techniques
    • a. Live training — Stage mapping on a physical surface
    • b. Reactive sound and automation techniques
    • c. MIDI-CONTROLLER and external hardware surfaces
    • d. Questions, tasks review, preparation for a live-set during the festival nights

What you need

  1. Completion of online module: Videomapping with C4D and MadMapper is recommended.
  2. Previous experience in or intermediate knowledge of (choose) video mapping is necessary for people who haven’t completed the online course.

Emanuele Russo

Graduated in “Commercial Art and Photography Technique” from Istituto D’Arte ISA Fanoli of Cittadella (PD) in 1993, he attended the Scenography course at the ‘Accademia delle Belle Arti’ of Florence from ’94 to ’96 and the Painting course at the ‘Accademia delle Belle Arti’ of Milan from ’97 to ’99. In ’94 he found the collective Mi.S.Fu. Labs (minimi-spazi-funzionali) experimenting with sound, video, performances and installations.

From 2000 Emanuele worked as computer graphics and photography technician for different art schools’ workshops in Brescia (Italy); in 2003 started teaching video-art production, analog and digital photography, 3D and 2D animation, digital composition and interaction design at the IPC Golgi public school in Brescia, and at Liceo Artistico Statale Olivieri (Public Art School). From 2003 he has been working as a visual artist (vjing, interaction design, installations) for clubs and festivals in Italy and Europe, and have been teaching for independent and private workshops since then. In 2015 joined Deltaprocess Visuals Collective, working actively as leading 2D and 3D motion designer.

Federico Petrei

Federico studied New Technologies of Arts in “Accademia di Belle Arti” of Venice (2007-2010) and achieved a master’s degree i n Design for Interactive Media at Middlesex University, London 2011. After two years of work as a video-technician and stage designer in London between 2010 and 2012, followed up working as a visual designer, 3D and interactive artist in “Deltaprocess” vjing and multimedia art collective, which he founded in 2009.

His artistic production has been focused on the possibility of driving through interactivity a deep and lost connection with technology as an extended part of human’s body and mind. Federico l ives and works in Udine, Italy.

Luca Cataldo

Luca Cataldo (Ka:lu) is a multimedia artist focusing his works on audiovisual installation, big projections, vjing and djing. In the last 10 years he has been invited in many festivals, exhibitions, events and art residences. He has also been working with International Network for Culture and Arts in over 50 European projects as coordinator, trainer and artist. From 2008 to 2016 he has been in charge of the artist residencies and technical director for the dutch multimedia festival Oddstream. He is one of the co-founder of the upcoming Italian visual label Antica Proietteria specialized on the use of lights and projections in site-specific contexts. He is Production manager, Technical Director and International manager for Kidsbit a festival about digital creativity for kids and families. His oeuvre are a mix between digital image/sound and different materials such as iron, fabrics, wood. His artistic approach is the result of a learning by doing. His works are the way to show and express the achievement connected to life he is facing daily. He is always looking for beauty and aesthetics results that can be an immersive experience for a miscellaneous of audience.

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