What Makes a Collage Psychedelic w/ David Crunelle

Recorded Webinar


1h live online lecture + question & answer session

Teacher: David Crunelle

During the last decade, the collage movement has got bigger and more popular.

Collage represents a great opportunity to create a beautiful piece of art, even for those who are not gifted with amazing painting or photography skills.

We are very proud to present this lecture on the history of collages, held by one of the most psychedelic collagists from Belgium: David Crunelle. You are invited to learn about the roots of this method... and of course, to cut and paste in a psychedelic manner!

Topics that will be covered

  1. Collage definition
    A brief general introduction about collage, as well as a taxonomy of "collage".
  2. Overview of collage art from its beginning
    A quick historical view about collage art, how/when/where it started, evolved and became a popular medium that has created so many communities of collagists.
  3. Showcasing important figures in collage
    Going through the history and visual identities of major artists who developed the collage technique.
    • Alexander Rochenko and his photomontage
    • Gustav Klutsis and the collage as Art
    • Annah Höch and the Dada movement
    • James Heartfield and the political satire
    • Contemporary collagists
  4. Collage techniques
    An overview of collage techniques through the analysis of several artists' specific artworks.
  5. What makes a collage psychedelic?
    A very personal approach to psychedelic visual in the collage technique, what makes it "psychedelic" and how to technically achieve such effect.
  6. Q&A

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Internet connection

About David Crunelle

David Crunelle is a visual artist from Brussels, Belgium, whose very detailed and complex work on collage has made its way into the contemporary art world. Represented by the Zedes Gallery, his vibrant, radiant, and psychedelic works are recognized as among the most interesting in a technique bringing together communities of enthusiasts around the world.

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