Dark Prog Production w/ Hypogeo & Kromagon

Recorded Webinar

€ 44

2h live online lecture + Extended question & answer session

DAW: Cubase (Pro 10)

Teachers: Hypogeo and Kromagon

In this webinar you'll have the unique opportunity to learn from two of the most notable producers in the Dark Progressive subgenre of Psytrance music.

While both play large festivals around the world for years and have established successful musical careers under their home-label Zenon Records, they recently teamed up to form their newest project Schrott. Having created a cutting-edge beast of hardcore straight Dark Prog, they now would like to share some of their experience and knowledge with aspiring producers by breaking down one of their tracks.

Course Program

  1. Introduction
    • Concept & history behind the musical projects of Hypogeo and Kromagon
    • Formation & Vision of the new project SCHROTT
  2. Track Hooga Booga
    • BPM
    • Why we use 44.1/24bit
    • Benefits of Cubase
  3. Track Breakdown
    • Modulars used
    • Clocking Modular
    • Quick Hypogeo modular speech
  4. Kick & Bass
    • Kick
    • Kick 2 (VST Plugin)
    • Processing ( EQ, Compression, Saturation)
    • Bass
    • Serum (VST Plugin)
    • Processing (EQ, Compression, Saturation)
    • Group Processing (Vintage Emulation, Compression, EQ)
  5. Percussion
    • Layering
    • EQ
    • Bus Processing
  6. Atmos
    • Techniques used
    • EQ
    • Bus Processing
  7. Synthesizer
    • Hardware
    • Softsynth in Symbiosis
  8. Mixing
    • Grouping
    • EQ
    • Processing
    • Plugins

Hypogeo (Zenon Records)

HypoGeo is by definition : whatever origins, grows and evolves under the ground.

This description perfectly fits his music : deep, obscure, hypnotic, mental, dirt and psychedelic, taking shades through his musical background made of extreme metal, industrial/ebm, new wave/post punk, techno , idm & darkambient.

In May 2012 HypoGeo releases his first full length album “Tree of Lies” with Zenon records, the widely known Australian label. The album is a huge success by critics and fans for his particularly aggressive and heavy sound, thats built the bridge between the most deep and psychedelic trance (many says forest) and the actual Zenon sound. Doesn’t matter how you call it, it’s definitely something that you have to experience live catching the Hypo performance on a Festival or party around the world.

Kromagon (Zenon Records)

In 2012 Kromagon, the side project of Nikroma, was signed to the world-renowned progressive label, Zenon Records. Kromagon focuses on a psychedelic journey coupled with ever-evolving abstract soundscapes, offering the awakening of a new musical era as well as a passage for listeners into a sacred dimension of spiritual being. Using tribal percussion, forest atmospheres, and intertwining industrialized effects, Kromagon creates a diverse sonic palette where organic and synthetic fuse to produce an unparalleled auditory experience.

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