Hypnotic Grooves and Melodies in Psytech Productions w/ Re:Set, Artificial Behavior

21 April 2022 THU 5pm CET

€ 44

3h live online lecture + question & answer session

Teacher: Francesco Luigi Lenci aka Re:Set, Artificial Behavior and Nocturnalism

Psytech Tool Pack: Ableton Project file, Audio Stems of the finished track, Ableton Instruments and Effect Racks, Serum Patches

PsyTech (or Psychedelic Techno) is a music style that ranges between 125 and 135 bpm, featuring different elements borrowed from the PsyTrance and Techno world.

The main ingredients of Psytech are round and powerful hypnotic basslines, heavy kicks, and syncopated grooves combined with layers of minimalistic and mesmerizing sounds.

The goal of this webinar is to give you an insight into creating un-parallel grooves and remarkable melodies which will be useful during the creation of a Psy-Tech production.

Specifically, we'll begin with the blank screen of Ableton Live 10, and progress to a complete and structured track using the different techniques described below.

Therefore, we will methodically show the various decisions that are made both in creating and selecting the right sounds from the start and in adapting them to the arrangement using creative chains of audio FX to create powerful drops and build-up.

Each step will be explained thoroughly, both in the more technical aspect, related to the functions of the DAW, and in the more artistic aspect, related to the various musical and aesthetic choices.

This webinar will introduce you as well to many new sound design techniques and knowledge that you can use to produce a track of this type independently as well as gain a greater insight into approaching other musical genres. During this course, you will also definitely learn how to produce music in a more effective, simple, and fun way!

Disclaimer: Doesn't matter if you are not a Psytech producer. This webinar is intended for ANY style of music! Re:Set will provide the students with useful tools and tricks to get to a professional-level Psy-Tech track in no-time!

Topics will be covered

  • — Drum Synthesis
  • — Sub/Bass Synthesis
  • — Noises Synthesis
  • — Percussions
  • — How to use loops in creative ways
  • — Polyrhythms
  • — 5/7, 7/8, 9/8 Tempos
  • — Groove, Sequences, Swing
  • — Foley Recordings
  • — Subtractive Synthesis
  • — Granular Synthesis
  • — Atmospheres
  • — Pads
  • — Melodies
  • — Risers
  • — Transitions
  • — Switches & Contrast // Tension & Release
  • — FX Chains (Creative Effects)
  • — Send & Returns

Psytech Tool Pack

Following the webinar, Re:Set will share a bundle with his students, containing all the tools used during the production course.

The Psytech Tool Pack will include:

  • — Ableton Project file
  • — Audio Stems of the finished track
  • — Ableton Instruments and Effect Racks
  • — Serum Patches

All the materials shared encapsulate the vision and knowledge brought to you from years of experience and research to find the ultimate dancefloor formula!

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection

Francesco Luigi Lenci aka Re:Set, Artificial Behavior and Nocturnalism

Francesco Luigi Lenci is a music producer, sound engineer and sound designer at Hypertone Studio based in Berlin also known as Re:Set, Artificial Behavior, Mud and Nocturnalism.

During his career, Francesco has participated as an artist in festivals such as Modem Festival, Freqs of Nature, Feel Festival, Wao, Human Evolution etc. and released music with numerous record labels such as: Addictech Records, Digital Structures, Bassic Records, Open Records, Freqs of Nature, Irma Elettrica, Adapted Records, Ammunition Recordings, Restylers, Subculture Music, Quintessence Records, Buddhist Army, Outtallectuals, Certified Bass Records, Rub-A-Duck, Sostanze Records, Looney Moon Experiment, Only Good Shit Records, Jaira Records, Stupid Fly Records, Heavy Bassweight, Tentaciòn, The Studio Stereo, Moth Records etc.

On the other hand, Francesco has worked as a sound designer delivering high-quality sample packs for companies like Premier Sound Bank, ADSR and Splice, reaching the 1# position in Beatport Sounds (Drum & Bass) multiple times.

With his classes, he has trained numerous students covering different styles of music from Psy Trance to Dark Prog, Techno, Breakcore and Drum & Bass. With his 12 years of experience and passion for teaching music production, Francesco has guided his students in developing their skills and helping them to achieve their goals in sound sculpting and quality.