KINDZAudio Plugins w/ KinDzaDza

Recorded Webinar

€ 36

Teacher: Lev Greshilov aka KinDzaDza

Duration: 2 hours of live classes combined with practical assignments

Materials: one plugin of your choice + 10% discount on the other plugins by KDD

On Monday 19th October, Lev aka KinDzaDza will host a webinar dedicated to the plug-ins available on his website.

Together with KinDzaDza’s live lesson, all the students will get one of these plug-ins included in the webinar price:

  • 1. KuberSpace 1.0
    KuberSpace is an experimental reverberation plug-in based on a custom-built algorithm . It can produce a beautiful and rich reverberation.
    Check it out
  • 2. KranchDD
    Kranchy Filter combined with different distortion algorithms.
    Check it out
  • 3. KuberWide
    KuberWide is a stereo image plug-in to make super wide stereo effects. A combination of 3 algorithms, frequency shift(Q), comb delay(D) and room simulation.
  • 4. MentalV
    MentalV is an experimental plugin for Pc and MacOS. It grabs audio buffer from input and applies scanning granularization with pitch shift and reverberation.
    Check it out

Make your choice and join the live session with KinDzaDza! You will get a further 10% discount on any other plug-in you will purchase from his bundle.

See you in the class on Monday for more explanation and inspiration!

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection


  • "I attended the course of Kindzadza about Bitwig and it opened up a new world to me! Learning from a psytrance master like him is great because he knows exactly what is good to know to make psytrance sounds, without waisting time on feature that we not really gonna use to make this kind of sound. Straight to the point and very clear!"
    — Arjuna (Parvati Records)
  • "I have to say , the experience here is very unique and tailored to your needs.. the format of the webinars and delivery is perfect.. it’s such an awesome initiative and there is so much that I learnt from this.. thank you guys for curating such amazing sessions with some of the best in the industry!! Big shout out to Kindzadza for his webinars.. truely enjoyed that sessions and have learnt a lot in these few weeks!! What amazes me is the depth of knowledge they cover is awesome.. not necessarily limited to a daw or synth!!"
    — Raghu Kumar
  • "Few years ago i had a dream about it, that my favorite artist taught me and now it happened. KinDzaDza is one of the musicians i get chills on my skin by listening his music, so of course i was happy to have this opportunity. Learned a lot of tricks from him and many cool features of Bitwig. Thank you, Academy!"
    — Maria Kolesova
  • "Amazing course, it feels like a lifetime of knowledge was uploaded to my brain in the blink of an eye! KinDzaDza is a good teacher with humor and was always willing to explain in as much detail as desired when there was the need for it :) Unfortunately I had to work today so I missed the last class, but I am very grateful for beeing given the chance ti participate in something a unique as this course. Thank you all, especially Lev KinDzaDza!"
    – Nicolai Markart

Lev KinDzaDza (Osom Music)

As a child, Lev KinDzaDza loved taking clocks and watches apart. When he got bored with that, he began to build computers. He then discovered that computers could also make nice sounds. Lev was hooked.

Later in life, he travelled to Goa India, where he continued his musical journey creating psychedelic trance designed for a powerful and immersive dancing experience. Lev believes that dancing is the most accessible way to reach harmony with inner and outer space, as is shown in centuries of experience for people around the world.

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