How to Sound 3D w/ Mindex

15 October 2021 Friday 8pm CEST

€ 44

2h live online lecture + question & answer session

Teacher: Mindex

Software: Studio One (Applicable to any DAWs), Serum, Kick2, Fabfilter and more

During this webinar, Mindex will explain to the bone his creative workflow during his mixing process to achieve a wider and 3D-sounding Mixdown.

The teacher will give a detailed insight into the different kinds of advanced techniques he mastered during the years of his experience and research. The webinar will be displayed in Studio One, but the concepts are of course suitable for any type of Digital Audio Workstation which are based on the same routing structures.

You will learn the importance of using the right EQ curves, compression and saturation to choose for different types of instruments to sculpt your mix for a perfect-sounding track in order to highlight every single element of your creation while keeping a high energy mix.

Topics to be covered

  • — EQ
  • — Mid/Side EQ
  • — Bus processing for subgroups
  • — Compression techniques
  • — Saturation in the mixing process
  • — Sidechain compression
  • — Techniques to create a wide and deep mix
  • — Working with the space

About Neuro-Hop

Neuro-Hop is an uprising genre that has conquered its space in the global bass music scenario. It combines the sound design of Neurofunk with the tempo and rhythms of Glitch-Hop, and more midtempo elements such as samples from 60’s and 70’s jazz, funk and even R&B.

This powerful form of music is played at a hip-hop tempo, with a focus on powerful distorted, warping basslines and is often more uplifting than its Neurofunk origins.

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection


Mindex is an all original electronic composer whose signature bass production combines elements of jazz, hip-hop, classical and middle eastern music with futuristic sound design. His polished engineering prowess allows him to draw every shape, color and movement of the sonic experience, which overflows with melodic patterns, textured layers, and detailed automations of modern synthesizers and effects. His painstaking and careful articulations mold a four dimensional topography for the mind to digest.

In the last few years, that recognizable Mindex sound has proven to shake dance floors with heavy basses and memorable melodies.

With each release, Mindex provides his listeners with musical innovations, always surprising them with his newest explorations and journeys in sound. His sonic canvases have been showcased on various labels around the world. His highly acclaimed ‘Teleport EP’ was released on Kalya Scintilla's Merkaba Music in 2013, followed by ‘Intergalactic Kung Fusion’ in 2015 and ‘ReFocused’ in 2016. He has also released on respected labels such as Night Owl Collective, Gravitas Records, Deep Heads Records, Glitch Hop Community, Loodma Recordings and his own label, Time Resonance Music. Mindex has multiple tracks out in compilations with other labels as well, alongside many modern day sonic alchemists.