Mixdown & Mastering w/ Frantic Noise

Recorded Webinar

€ 36

3h live online lecture + question & answer session

DAW: Ableton Live 10

Teachers: Frantic Noise

Getting a good solid mixdown does not always require insanely expensive studio hardware. There is a LOT that can be done with software, hard work, practice and ear training. With this webinar, Frantic Noise will help you in your quest for that GOOD QUALITY BOUNCING KICK AND BASS GOODNESS.

This webinar is about the last steps of the process of writing a track. More precisely, it’s about the process of mixdown and mastering, as well as preparing those tracks for the live performance in Ableton Live’s session mode.

As a bonus, Frantic Noise will talk about the studio setup: choosing the room and how to position the elements to get the best out of the hardware we currently own.

There will be a short 30 minute lesson on how to set up your live set as well.

Topics that will be covered

  1. Mixdown
    • — The potential of tuning ALL of our sounds
    • — Grouping and categorizing sounds
    • — The potential of EQing ALL of our sounds
    • — When to use a linneal eq vs a normal one?
    • — When to EQ and when to Level?
    • — Setting up mix headroom when starting a track
    • — Kick and Bass phase alignment with XFer LFOTool
    • — Identifying the frequency table chart for our music type
    • — Frequency perception vs. the Fletcher-Munsen graph
    • — The meaning of masking and how to prevent it
    • — Potential of Parallel Distortion
    • — Side-chain compression
    • — Importance of panoramic distribution
    • — How and when to use OTT compression?
    • — How loud should I listen while I write / produce?
  2. Importance of mastering your own tracks
    • — What's the dynamic range of a digital recording?
    • — Why is dynamic range so important related to quality?
    • — Importance of hiring a mastering engineer?
    • — How to prepare your tracks for a mastering engineer?
    • — Importance of mastering your own tracks:
      w/ Fabfilter Bundle
      w/ Ozone Bundle
      w/ Waves Bundle
      w/ Gullfoss
  3. Acoustics
    • — Studio setup & acoustics
    • — Which room of the house to choose?
    • — Equilateral triangle setup
    • — Creating your own acoustic panels
  4. Creating a Live Set
    • — Selecting tracks
    • — Warping tracks
    • — Creating effect racks

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection

Frantic Noise

Matías Benamo, aka Frantic Noise, is a world-renowned electronic music producer currently based in Costa Rica. Besides being the co-founder of legendary Argentinian label Dark Prisma Records, he is an experienced teacher of music production and has worked for highly regarded schools such as Patsav, Sonica Academy and Escuela MAE.

Frantic Noise can be considered one of the leading producers in "hitech" psychedelic music, creating unique multi-textured and highly-recognizable soundscapes that have been thrilling dance floors around the world for many years. Featuring a bewitching spectrum of noises, his spellbinding bass lines create a deep, textural sonic journey, playing with and disrupting the illusion of rhythm and time.

Since releasing his debut album back in 2006, Matías has been a passionate advocate of the underground electronic music scene and a leading ambassador, promoting the culture across the world. His dedication is evident in his commitment to pass on knowledge and inspire future generations, and he has been running his own workshops for the last 10 years across Latin America, Europe and India, as well as many individual classes.