Psy Scissors. Collage as a Music Cover w/ Collage Academy

25 — 30 October 2023

€ 80

— 4h live session + feedback
— Students collages review after the course
Competition: cover for next FMA release Forged in FMA Vol.2

Together with Collage Academy we cordially invite you to a live interactive session where we’ll delve into the application of collages in music album covers and the fundamentals of paper collage.

Each participant will have the opportunity to create their own collage, with select works showcased on the Future Media Academy website and Collage Academy social media platforms.

In addition, the most outstanding piece will be chosen as the cover for our forthcoming release, Forged in FMA Vol. 2, featuring music produced by the students themselves.

Why collage?

It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s doable! You don’t need to be a visual artist, you just need to have some patience, time and scissors.

Get your psy scissors ready and sign up!

Course Program

  • 1. Presentation: A visual history of collage in music covers
  • 2. Presentation: Psychedelic art: An overview
  • 3. Hands-on exercises
    • — Knowing your tools
    • — How to master the art knife
    • — How to work with coloured paper
    • — Composition and concepts
  • 4. Students' work review
  • 5. Choosing the winner

What would you need

  • — Scissors
  • — Pencils
  • — Precision knife (Olfa is a good option)
  • — Cutter
  • — Eraser
  • — Block of coloured cardstock papers
  • — Black cardboard 1mm
  • — Compass
  • — Masking tape
  • — Steel ruler
  • — Cutting Mat
  • — Gluesticks
  • — Tracing paper (we call it butter paper over here, don’t know if it’s the same)

Kike Congrains (Collage Academy)

Collage Academy is a part of CollageWave dedicated to collage history, learning and research and curated by Kike Congrains.

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