Create your own Psychedelic Visuals: Software and Tricks (overview) w/ Adistu

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Have you always been fascinated by psychedelic videos and projections, and you would like to create your own ones?

Aditsu is an expert in psychedelic visual creation and has showcased his abilities on the prestigious grounds of Berlin Festival of Lights, Boom Festival, and is the director of the itinerant Tripoteca Film & Art Festival, active on more than 14 countries.

In this tutorial, Adistu creates a fractal character with the help of a Kinect feed, using free versions of Touch Designer, Blender and Mandelbulb3D. You can use a normal camera feed too or any video source and just follow along the Mandelbulb3D part.

What you need

  • — Laptop or Desktop Computer
  • — Stable internet connection for the streams
  • — No prior knowledge of production is required

Adistu (Tripoteca Project)

Mixing fractal geometry with procedural organic patterns, Adistu delivers experimental video installations that push the limit of imagination with elegant and at the same time playful, surreal universes. His video-mapping installations include several large palaces, a church, medieval towers, 360 dome projection, and even an ambulance and a motorcycle.

Adistu's style is recognizable in the unique blend of very different techniques and software in each of his enterprises: architectural mapping, live performances, interactive installations, animated music videos, VR, holographic installations, films and digital painting for large canvas prints.

He has performed a few solo shows, worked across Europe and US, was featured at large events like Berlin Festival of Lights, Boom Portugal or Anim'Est. Aditsu organizes animation workshops for both adults and youth and is the director of the itinerant film & art festival Tripoteca, that reached 14 countries and over 25 locations.


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