Psytrance Sounds & Composition w/ Chromatone (Zero 1 Music)

Recorded Webinar

€ 44

2h webinar + question & answer session

Teacher: Chromatone (Zero1 Music)

DAW: Logic Pro

Welcome to one more chapter of the Zero1 Music webinar series!

This lesson will be carried by L. Hoffman aka Chromatone, focusing on the vast world of sound synthesis with the most popular software instruments (Serum, Vital, Massive X, Avenger) and exploring his own composition techniques.

Chromatone will be your expert guide through a vertical brainstorm of sonic flavors. His explanation will cover the full range of timbers into all the sound categories that match the psytrance spectrum.

Open your mind for Chromatone’s load of precious information that you will carry throughout your whole path as a music producer. See you in the classroom!

Topics to be covered

  • — Synthesis Basics up through Advanced tricks
  • — Vertical sound brainstorming composition technique
  • — Layering Leads, stacking effects, compositing elements
  • — Velocity Stabs, Squelches, Mod sequences
  • — Rizers and Impacts

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection

Chromatone (Zero1 Music)

Chromatone has been producing electronic music for over two decades and surprised audiences across the world with his unique sonic style and buoyant stage energy.

Through deeply emotional connections to music and masterful employment of intricate sound design, Chromatone takes his listeners on some truly epic sonic journeys.

Working with many industry leaders of Psytrance, his massive knowledge and vision on diverse types of music has yielded a huge catalog of unforgettable classic tunes.