Sound Design w/ Virus TI by Arjuna


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3h live online lecture inc. question & answer session

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The Access Virus TI is one of the most popular synthesizers of the new millennium. Psytrance producers of all levels and genres have been using the Access Virus TI for creating their soundscapes, establishing it as one of the most powerful tools for psychedelic sound design.

This webinar is about how Arjuna, top producer from the Parvati Records’ roster, makes use of the Virus TI.

Arjuna started producing with Virus TI in 2011 with amazing results in the evolution of his sounds. The Access synth became his strongest weapon thanks to the flexibility of its use and the quality of the results.

After a personal overview of the different sections of the software, Arjuna will talk deeper through each of them, analyzing the different features and how he uses them in the sound design of his music. After that, Arjuna will create some sounds from scratch, showing tips and tricks that he uses for his own sonic work.

The students will be encouraged to ask questions regarding the subject at any time, and the last hour of lesson will be devoted entirely to general questions and answers about the Virus TI.

What you need

  • — Virus TI
  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection

Arjuna (Parvati Records)

Arjuna was born in the Himalayas in India in 1982. He grew up in Goa, the psychedelic Mecca, where he witnessed the birth and evolution of this mystical music genre. Arjuna started collecting psytrance DATs and mini disks at a very early age. At the age of 19, he took his first step behind the decks and there was no turning back.

Meeting with Giuseppe Parvati and Teo Discovalley gave Arjuna’s music taste a new direction, deep and purely psychedelic. It didn’t take long before he started experimenting with creating his own sounds, using a Playstation game called Music 2000. He first observed friends working at the prestigious Discovalley Studio (Chapora, Goa), then sank into more serious programming and knob tweaking on Cubase.

After proving his metal as a dj in Goa, Arjuna was signed by Parvati Records to represent their sound as a label DJ, beginning to perform at parties and small festivals around Europe and India.

In order to improve his own sounds, Arjuna took up an electronic music production course at S.A.E. Institute, and shortly later he broke through with his very first release on Parvati Records. He has dedicated most of his life to developing and consolidating his own idea of psychedelic music. Together with his partner at the time (Seb), he made his nest in the epic Discovalley studio for a few years and his skills evolved leaps and bounds.

His tracks are carefully crafted with a lot of precision and heart. Nowadays, his sound is intense and groovy: a balanced combination of power and emotion, incorporating tight percussive rhythms, hypnotic atmospheres and colorful scapes to create deep stories with.

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