Sound Synthesis w/ Re:Set, Artificial Behavior

18 May 2021 Tuesday 5pm CET

€ 36

2h live online lecture + question & answer session

Teacher: Francesco Luigi Lenci aka Re:Set, Artificial Behavior and Nocturnalism

Sound synthesis is the technique of generating sound, using electronic hardware or software through synthesizers. A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that generates electronic signals converted into sound waves thanks to the use of an audio signal generator.

During this webinar, we are going to dig inside the nervous system of the synthesizer, discovering his architecture and signal paths while using examples and exercises.

We will explore different types of synthesis to understand the most diffused techniques - and not only - unleashing the foundations of electronic music production.

Topics will be covered

  1. Types of Synthesizers
    • — Modular
    • — Semi-modular
    • — Integrate
    • — Virtual Analog
    • — Hybrid
    • — Virtual Synth (VST - AU - AAX etc.)
    • — Drum Synth (Analog and Digital)
  2. Signal Paths
    • — Audio Signals
    • — Control Signals (CV - Gate - Trigger)
  3. Architecture of the Synthesizer
    • — Signal Generators
    • — Voltage Control Generators
    • — Audio Processors
  4. Waveforms (and their use)
    • — Sine Wave
    • — Sawtooth Wave
    • — Triangle Wave
    • — Square wave / Pulse Width Modulation
    • — Wavetables
    • — Noise Generator
  5. Control Voltage Generators
    • — Envelope
    • — LFO
    • — Step Sequencer
    • — Sample & Hold
    • — Quantizer
    • — Randomizer
    • — Arpeggiator
  6. Audio Processors
    • — Filters
    • — Mixer
    • — Effects (Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, etc.)
    • — Frequency Shifter
    • — Ring Modulation
    • — Waveshaper
  7. Type of Synthesis
    • — Additive Synthesis
    • — Subtractive synthesis
    • — Frequency Modulation (FM)
    • — Granular synthesis
    • — Sampling
    • — Vocoder

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection

Francesco Luigi Lenci aka Re:Set, Artificial Behavior and Nocturnalism

Francesco Luigi Lenci is a music producer, sound engineer and sound designer at Hypertone Studio based in Berlin also known as Re:Set, Artificial Behavior, Mud and Nocturnalism.

During his career, Francesco has participated as an artist in festivals such as Modem Festival, Freqs of Nature, Feel Festival, Wao, Human Evolution etc. and released music with numerous record labels such as: Addictech Records, Digital Structures, Bassic Records, Open Records, Freqs of Nature, Irma Elettrica, Adapted Records, Ammunition Recordings, Restylers, Subculture Music, Quintessence Records, Buddhist Army, Outtallectuals, Certified Bass Records, Rub-A-Duck, Sostanze Records, Looney Moon Experiment, Only Good Shit Records, Jaira Records, Stupid Fly Records, Heavy Bassweight, Tentaciòn, The Studio Stereo, Moth Records etc.

On the other hand, Francesco has worked as a sound designer delivering high-quality sample packs for companies like Premier Sound Bank, ADSR and Splice, reaching the 1# position in Beatport Sounds (Drum & Bass) multiple times.

With his classes, he has trained numerous students covering different styles of music from Psy Trance to Dark Prog, Techno, Breakcore and Drum & Bass. With his 12 years of experience and passion for teaching music production, Francesco has guided his students in developing their skills and helping them to achieve their goals in sound sculpting and quality.