Organic Textures & Expressions in Forest Prog w/ Tersius, Kabi

Recorded Webinar

€ 44

2h webinar + question & answer session

Teacher: Tersius / Kabi (Zenon Records)

DAW: Ableton Live

Future Media Academy keeps exploring the realm of psychedelic trance production, always bringing in new genres and sound solutions and production methods for you to get inspired in your creations.

We are pleased to welcome Tersius amongst our teachers to give you an overview on the creation of forest and forest prog organic soundscapes.

Tersius will show you the way to get your psychedelic forest music to the highest level, encompassing all elements of a track and how to make it sound organic and alive.

Topics to be covered

  • Kick & bass
    Softer kicks, rumbling bass and techniques for classic forest styles.
  • Percussion
    How to make your drums sound organic, live and real whilst being tight and cutting edge (sound design). Looking at humanisation that isn’t random and also techniques that create natural modulation for velocity.
  • Atmos
    Looking at ways to modulate your atmospheres in particular panning to have a clear mix and intelligent trip movement. We will look at setting up atmosphere groups that are massive and allow space for all other elements of tracks. This will include my technique I use to have synchronised panning that allows for spatial understanding regarding your track grid. looking at creative ways to use dopplers and other panning plugins.
  • Leads
    Creative ways to get midi content and patterns down with minimal editing. Using convolution reverbs to get massive leads and other tricks.

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection

Tersius / Kabi (Zenon Records)

Kabi – Tersius from Wilderness, South Africa. Tersius has been producing music since 2005 ,in the beginning forest trance grabbed his attention . His first release was in 2011 with his well known track “thundrafi” released on Moon Koradji Records VA Legendarium under his name Tersius. The Zenon sound made its way to his music library at about the same time and he quickly developed a love for the space and chunky baselines in the Zenon sound, he found that this style although slower could also take one on a musical journey/trip similar to forest trance.

In 2014 Tersius created the Kabi project and released his debut EP Unified Field on Zenon Records. HIs style is sometimes termed as forest Prog, abstract with low rumbling baselines, dreamy atmospheres and tribal elements. He has released tracks on various labels apart from Zenon such as Uroboros Records and Ourminds Records. He has played at major festivals around the globe like Modem Festival, Freqs of Nature, Lost Theory, Origin festival (Cape Town), Re:birth (Japan).

Kabi is based in Eden in South Africa an does annual trips to Europe during the South African winter months. Kabi is a bushman word referring to channeling in the bushman culture, bushman are the first people of the second creation, and hence the oldest ancestors of mankind still alive today.