Twilight Audio Tricks on Ableton w/ Radikal Moodz

Recorded Webinar

€ 44

2h webinar + question & answer session

Teacher: Max / Radikal Moodz (Looney Moon Records)

DAW: Ableton Live

Audio manipulation will be the focus of this webinar led by Max (Radikal Moodz), discovering a new way to create sonic textures and level up your sound design with a new method of workflow.

Our students will get together with one of the heads of Radikal Moodz for a deep insight of how the Ableton audio section is extremely suitable for making powerful and glitchy sounds.

As a bonus on top of the sound design knowledge you will get with the webinar, Max will display how you can boost your creativity in the track arrangement by using the special Ableton audio section.

Topics to be covered

  • — Warping Mode
  • — Audio Glitch And tricks
  • — Arrangement
  • — Effects
  • — Mixing

Max (Radikal Moodz) awaits you in the classroom on 26 February 5pm CET for a unique appointment to improve your psytrance production techniques. Catch your chance!

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection

Max / Radikal Moodz (Looney Moon Records)

Radikal Moodz (Maxime and Dominique) are the an innovational psychedelic music project from France. They began making music together in 2016, originally on Maharetta Records (Spain) and signing to the mighty Looney Moon Records in 2017.

Radikal Moodz deliver very sharp and refreshing sounds to the psytrance scene, redefining the whole genre in a modern sonic solution while still remaining loyal to the classic Goa Psychedelic sound.

Since then their debut, they showcased their music at events such as Tierra magica (MX), Own Spirit Festival (ES) , Hadra Festival (FR), Insomnia Festival (PT) and many more.

They released 3 EPs and countless tracks featured in compilations, including collaborations with highly praised artists like Jumpstreet, Endeavour, Render, Ingrained Instincts, Earthworm, Yabba Dabba, Shredder and Shenanigan.