Twilight Music Production w/ Radikal Moodz & Earthworm

08 & 10 March 2022

€ 140

2 online interactive lessons

Teachers: Radikal Moodz & Earthworm

Materials: The full project of the track created during the course

We are delighted to introduce a new course about Twilight Music Production featuring Radikal Moodz and Earthworm from the Italian label Looney Moon Records.

Twilight music is a Psytrance subgenre suitable for night and day, characterized by dark and edgy melodies and deep grooves. It's often called Dark Full-On.

During this course, students will learn how to set up their mindset and objective to create a powerful and memorable Twilight music track to catch the listeners' attention.

Let your imagination run wild during this Twilight music production course. Whether you are an experienced producer or just getting started, you will find valuable information throughout the lessons.

Learn about different concepts of producing a quality track using new techniques and software. Discover your core skills and blow away your listeners with a mind-blowing track.

While learning new synthesis concepts using different tools, Earthwork and Radikal Moodz will explain to the bone all their secrets and techniques to create original sounds and instantly get the right workflow for starting a collaboration project.

Course Program

  • Intention Mind-Set and Objectives
    • — Start with a well balanced rhythmic section
    • — Create different and contrasted sources
    • — Save your inspiration by quickly changing strategy
  • Kick, Bass, and Drum Explanation
    • — Kick: Bazzism / Kick 2 or Serum
    • — Bass: Serum or Vital
    • — Drums: quick overview and build up explanation
    • — Dynamique relation and balance with higher elements
  • Create original waveform and Ideas
    • — Synth leads / Percs / Pads / Stabs / Background / Textures
    • — Upgrade the patch with another point of view (2nd artist)
    • — Keep your inspiration by working in collaboration
    • — Pre-build a sketch loop to contextualize your synth and create contrast
  • Workflow leads technics and breaks building
    • — Fresh listening to the sketch loop, define the best part of the composition
    • — Arrangement technique and logical process to build a track
    • — Lead techniques, arrange the mini-break and drops to call the following elements
    • — Create tension while arranging
    • — Leave silence to let the track breathe & keep the attention of listeners
    • — Listening to the whole music to define where you go next
    • — Clean your composition and dig in your sounds to remove elements that are messing up the mix

What you need

  • — Laptop
  • — Sound Card and headphones
  • — Internet connection

Max / Radikal Moodz (Looney Moon Records)

Radikal Moodz (Maxime and Dominique) are the an innovational psychedelic music project from France. They began making music together in 2016, originally on Maharetta Records (Spain) and signing to the mighty Looney Moon Records in 2017.

Radikal Moodz deliver very sharp and refreshing sounds to the psytrance scene, redefining the whole genre in a modern sonic solution while still remaining loyal to the classic Goa Psychedelic sound.

Since then their debut, they showcased their music at events such as Tierra magica (MX), Own Spirit Festival (ES) , Hadra Festival (FR), Insomnia Festival (PT) and many more.

They released 3 EPs and countless tracks featured in compilations, including collaborations with highly praised artists like Jumpstreet, Endeavour, Render, Ingrained Instincts, Earthworm, Yabba Dabba, Shredder and Shenanigan.

Theo Grozdanic aka Oddwave / Earthworm / Smooth Criminal

Theo Grozdanic (Oddwave / Earthworm / Smooth Criminal) is a talented musician with a rich musical background.

He has always been interested in music in all its forms, starting by playing in a metal and rap band at a young age.

His adventure in the psytrance scene begins in 2013, when he started the Oddwave project: a progressive trance at 135 bpm, resonating around the greatest French parties and festivals.

His latest project ‘Earthworm’ is a powerful and groovy psytrance project close to 148 bpm with unique textures designed by him and signed to Looney Moon Records.

As Earthworm, he has brought his music to the biggest international stages of festivals such as Ozora, Universo Paralello, MoDem, Noisily, Waldfriëden, Vision of Nexus, Hadra, Reperkusound and many more.

Finally, his rich expertise in the field of electronic music led him to open his own recording mixing and mastering studio, "OddWave Studio", and to pass on his know-how by giving numerous courses through the Hadra and Transubtil MAO workshops.